Company Overview

Company Overview

Welcome to e-Formula!


Founded in 2007, e-Formula played a role in building up desirable and touchable solutions. The experiences in telecom were applied, and also extended to system integrations, constructions and turn-key projects.

e-Formula members devote themselves to provide the services which are tailored to suit clients' individual needs and are delivered in accordance with ISO 9001 and TL 9000 and 27001 QM standards.

The Agency business provides key components, products, systems and equipment for clients' choices, then the Professional Construction Management supplies system integration, installation and construction, and the followed Maintenance and Repair support the product cares. What e-Formula implements is a complete solution, from beginning, through process, until completion. The service of Maintenance and Repair triggers a new beginning, which makes new cycle of product life.

e-Formula members listen to the customers' needs, and implement the company goal: "Providing Valued Service through Communications". Setting headquarters in Taipei, e-Formula is now with 3 offshore branches, 3 repair centers and more than 200 employees worldwide to provide services for clients.

2014ISO 27001 for Information Security Management System.
2013Repair Center in Romania Established.
2013Golden Torch Award of Taiwan top 10 enterprises.
2013National Quality Gold Brand Award.
2013Taiwan Quality Product Bravo Award.
2009TL 9000 Certification by SGS.
2009Trademark Registration Certificate.
2008ISO 9001-2000 Certification by SGS.
2007Branch Office in the Philippines Established.
EF HQ Established

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