Information and Communication Technology Solutions

Information and Communication Technology Solutions

With a dynamic technology of itself, co-operated with reliable ICT hardware from key partners, e-Formula is capable to deliver the most applicable solutions to meet customer's needs, gradually to ensure customer successful and profitable business, and to build-up win-win outcomes. E-formula could provide 4 solutions including Digital Signage System, Indoor Positioning System, Intelligent Video Surveillance and Smart Community.

Internet and Communication Technology solution

Digital Signage System

Businesses today need to inform, persuade, and engage audiences in a way that is memorable and unique. A static logo or display board is no longer enough. Digital signage is the modern way to captivate the attention of your patrons, clients or even employees. More and more businesses choose digital signage and digital menu boards for a dynamic and efficient way to communicate both information and even branding materials. Investing in digital signage equipment is cost efficient, as content can easily update in the future, unlike traditional signage. Black Box has a number of digital signage solutions to fit your business's needs.

Digital signage screens have a place in almost every environment. Lobby areas, retail, transportation centers, and even hospitals can benefit from digital signage solutions. Anywhere that information needs to convey, digital signage is the modern solution. Cover all your bases with digital signs.

Indoor Positioning System

Nowadays, people are "spoiled" by GPS (Global Positioning System). Through smart mobile devices, we can easily know where we are spotted, where we go and how we get there. However, GPS is somewhat useless indoor. Many of you would probably experience getting lost as you want to figure it out where you are when staying in Taipei station but feel helpless as you looking to the dazzling exit signs. IPS is a perfect solution for people getting lost indoor and find your spot immediately.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

The Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution combines a comprehensive set of video resources to create an unparalleled, standardized video information system under unified management.

It integrates traffic, urban, management, and civil defense surveillance video feeds. Cutting-edge technologies enable cloud computing and storage management plus intelligent video analysis and handle HD videos collecting, transmitting, and displaying along with video codec technology.

Smart Community Concept

City development means that production and consumption become more concentrated, scaled, socialized and higher efficiency; meanwhile, it also brings more problem such as health care, neighborhood, community safety, quality of social service, and etc. Smart community solution can integrate smart building, intelligent home, energy management, home health, digital life and etc. through high technology such as cloud computing and IoT. Through community's own platform of ICT infrastructure, certification and safety, building smart nodes, which cover the whole community, and expending widely to form a new life, industrial development and social management, this is more convenient to life.

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