R&D capabilities

e-Formula is a system integration expert who has in-house R&D capability. With the rise of information communication and AIoT infrastructure, e-Formula develops the latest energy management technology on top of it in order to optimize the way enterprises consume energy and further reduce carbon emissions. Since 2017, e-Formula has implemented its technologies in different industries with the support of Taiwanese government.


Energy Management Technology Milestones

  • 2018 08

    Project implementation

    CPC– Xinyi Gas Station, Chiayi
    1st gas station operated by 100% renewable energy in Taiwan

    Renewable energy maximization application

  • 2018 10

    Project implementation

    CPC- Cianfong Gas Station, Tainan. 100% renewable energy gas station with multi-source energy storage integration

    Peak load shaving control
    Near-zero consumption on non-renewable energy (2020)

  • 2019 01

    Government funded project

    Synchronous energy management on wind power, solar power & energy storage
    McDonald’s project implement in April 2020

    MOEA Energy Special Project for Enterprises NT$40 million / 40% subsidized. Funded by Taiwanese government

  • 2020 01

    Project implementation

    CPC- Guangfu Gas Station, Hualien. Gas station with energy storage mobility for emergency rescue

    ISO 50001 functionality introduction to CPC

  • 2021 01

    Industrial energy management platform and energy storage solutions

    The first industrial microgrid for manufacturing industry, information security, DDS, ISO, 50001, ISO 14064

    McDonald's energy backup implementation
    MOEA Energy Special Project for Enterprises NT$45 million / 39% subsidized. Funded by Taiwanese government

  • 2022 01

    Evolved energy management system with integrated demand & response decision-making

    Smart buildings with utility demand management, energy savings, energy storage & EV charging stations

  • 2024 01