Energy Conservation

Energy saving is one of the key directions for us to improve the way we use electricity. Businesses in both the manufacturing and service sectors can achieve energy saving through e-FOM SCADA. Based on the characteristics of different sectors, e-Formula manages manufacturing process energy consumption and equipment energy consumption with its e-FOM SCADA Smart Energy Saving product, which is capable of automatic control and self-learning, to achieve the best energy consumption models that take production and service quality into account. In response to the growth of the domestic green energy market, e-Formula integrates and optimizes renewable energy, energy storage, production equipment and public equipment to develop micro-grids and improve the overall energy efficiency. e-Formula has introduced ISO 50001 and ISO 14064 modules on the management side to enhance sustainable competitiveness.

Lower carbon emissions with e-FOM SCADA Smart Energy Saving

Lower carbon emissions with e-FOM SCADA Smart Energy Saving
  • From equipment consumption to production line

  • From regular to predict maintenance

  • From normal operation to AI management

  • From local to cloud computing

  • From single site to multiple surveillance

  • From energy consumption data access to dimension analysis

Multi-field application

Sector Medical institutions Average energy saving rate (%) Electricity saved (kWh) Carbon reduction (ton)
International Submarine Cable Multinational telecommunication carrier 41 % 7,184,167 3,657
News Media Television HQ 26 % 3,680,000 1,873
Franchise Hotel Four-star hotel 33 % 1,566,886 798
Franchise Hotel Five-star hotel 67 % 1,200,317 611
Sea/Air freight Shipping company HQ 45 % 1,187,623 605
Public transportation Co-construction Train station 20 % Confidential Confidential
Food logistics International logistic 40 % 1,345,925 685
Medical institutions Large-scale teaching hospital 25 % 1,102,167 200

Analyzation & Solution

  • On-site electricity survey

    electricity bills for the past 24 months
    Specifications and number of electrical equipment

  • Propose energy saving plan

    Energy saving efficiency evaluation

  • Contract signing

    Buyout or lease

  • Energy saving improvement plan implementation
  • Energy-saving maintenance